ACISJF-IN VIA International

International Catholic Association for Girls


Every year, our Association welcomes, assists and trains thousands of young people around the world.


Our homes for young people in difficulty, especially girls and young women, provide accommodation, education, and vocational training.


Young people participate in educational, social, and legal training:
  • vocational training is provided in the form of workshops preparing for a trade (accounting, computer science, sewing, cooking, hairdressing, pottery, etc.)
  • education leading to a diploma is provided by schools (architecture, law, medicine, economics, etc.)

Aid to Migrants

Every day, migrants  approach various ACISJF reception centers seeking administrative and procedural support. To help facilitate migrant integration, we offer professional and social training as well as language courses.
ACISJF encourages local people to find a path in their country of origin and participate in its development.

Emergency reception

Emergency reception is aimed at young people and adolescents in difficult or dangerous situations, some of whom are temporarily entrusted to police or social services.

The "Au Pair" service

This service organizes the placement and support of young women in families, mainly in Switzerland.

Reception and help at transit stations

True to its original purpose, the Association is also aimed at travelers facing difficulty and individuals with disabilities. This activity is mostly conducted in Europe.

Association Life

Seminar: prevention of early pregnancy and accompaniment of mothers minor

From November 22-26, 2016, ACISJF Africa organized  a Seminar on the Prevention of early Pregnancy and Accompaniment of Child Mothers. The Seminar was conducted by EVA (Education for Life and Love) and took place in Mayanga, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

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