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International Catholic Association for Girls

ACISJF In-Via European Regional Commission (CRE)

From May 24-26, 2018, the ACISJF In-Via European Regional Commission (CRE) met in Cagliari, Sardinia. Participants included Miriam Diaz Camargo (ACISJF International President) and National ACISJF Committee Representatives from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland.

This seminar was attended by ACISJF members eager to preserve the cohesion of the association on an international level by renewing the methods of partnership between member countries and by favoring the integration of young volunteers. The best way to thank our Italian partners for their quality welcome and hosting of this seminar and methodology of work will be to implement the new action plan. We are grateful and vividly recall our evening together in the new reception center for migrants one hour by bus from Cagliari, whose opening was quickly scheduled.
Throughout three intensive days, the 14 participants shared mutual knowledge of current ACISJF actions, and strategized for future ACISJF action on the ground. We met to:
" discuss strengths of the association and adaptation to country-specific difficulties encountered (increasing number of people affected: 63,000 in Germany, 12,000 in Italy, 5,500 in Spain, 450 in Portugal, 100 in France; diversity interventions; reception, integration and housing of migrant women in Italy and Germany; placement of "au pairs" and reception at stations in Germany and Switzerland; empowerment of women and training of young people in Spain, Portugal and France); presence in multilateral political organizations (Council of Europe, Human Rights Council, UNESCO)
" share ACISJF best practices and skills per country
" increase promotion for, our international ACISJF website
" explore new challenges of a changing world by attracting young people to invest in grassroots actions
" reflect on future objectives (training, housing, women's lives) 
" renew methods of visibility, exchange between countries, rejuvenation and common actions
" create working groups to develop action plans facilitating partnerships between countries
" discuss ACISJF priority focus areas (migrants, au pairs, training / housing, etc.) based on information specific to each country; country representatives presented methodology of action and organizational charts describing ACISJF homes and individuals assisted
" discuss ways to increase external and internal visibility
" identify country-specific interventions for migrants, young people, homes, shelters
" create Internet groups on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram 
" review operational organization charts from animators, national and local committees
" appoint local communication managers to preside over better use of the international website, brochures, videos, media access
" strategize ACISJF actions addressing violence against women through the development of support centers (au pair hotline, listening, reception of violated women) and prevention (AIDS, early pregnancy, school /work recovery, literacy)
" discuss actions to attract new young people by opening access to integration (with or without experience or training) while emphasizing commitment and empathy

Association Life

Seminar: prevention of early pregnancy and accompaniment of mothers minor

From November 22-26, 2016, ACISJF Africa organized  a Seminar on the Prevention of early Pregnancy and Accompaniment of Child Mothers. The Seminar was conducted by EVA (Education for Life and Love) and took place in Mayanga, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

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