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Miriam Díaz Camargo - presidenta

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A pleasant and unexpected discovery


A pleasant and unexpected discovery

One hundred years ago Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati wrote to a friend asking her for financial help to avoid the closure of the then Protection of the Young in Holland, while he undertook to prevent this from happening in Austria.
Thie letter is a truly great gift for all of us and for all the ACISJF - Protection of the Young, a gift for which we sincerely thank dearest Wanda Gawronska granddaughter of Blessed Piergiogio Frassati; it is a gift that asks all of us for a greater commitment also for the dissemination of ACISJF-Protection of Young in our Europe.
A great responsibility for which, in prayer, we ask for the help and support of Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati.
Emma Cavallaro

"To Maria Schwan


January 1923


Two days ago I received a letter from my good friend Mr. Domanig, who is the representative of the Austrian Students in Pax Romana.

In this letter he laments about the urgent needs and misery that exist in Austria. The Union of Catholic Charity (founded by Chancellor Seipel four years ago) started the Youth Protection Association.


It looks like this Association will be dissolved because the necessary funds are lacking. There are many children and women workers in Vienna today without a roof over their heads, left prey to hunger and misery.


My friend is begging me to assist them with a collection.


In the spirit of Pax Romana, I thought that you would be able to do the same you did in Holland.

I know you and your kind heart, and I am certain that you will do it with joy.


I beg you to reply to me immediately, then I will send your address to Mr. Domanig and my friend will correspond directly with you.


Many grateful thanks in anticipation, and I cordially greet you.


Pier Giorgio Frassati"

2020 Espagne : la féderacion ACISJF-IN VIA a continuado con su actividad durante la situacion de pandemia

Durante esta situación de pandemia originada por el covid-19  La Federación ACISJF-In Vía a continuado con su actividad habitual y además a reforzado sus servicios a los colectivos más vulnerables con  dos nuevos proyectos : ANGEL y SOFIA      
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ACISJF Roma - Newsletter - Settembre 2021


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Seminario : prevención del embarazo precoz y acompañamiento de las madres menores de edad

Organizado por ACISJF-África en noviembre de 2016, el seminario sobre la prevención del embarazo precoz y el acompañamiento a las madres menores de edad tuvo lugar en MAYANGA (Brazzaville).

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