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International Day of the Girl Child - October 11, 2018

ACISJF and 30 UNESCO NGO partners (Soroptimist International, ATD Fourth World, AIC, UMOFC, Pax Christi, BICE, and others) gathered at UNESCO headquarters to honor the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, 2018. All 400 NGO partners, additional interested associations (Africaines en Danger), and sectors of UNESCO were invited. Representatives from United Nations Member States and UNESCO presided over the event and welcomed NGO input and cooperation.

The day's proceedings were organized around testimonial-based workshops on themes related to the difficulties of implementing SDG 4. Workshops focused on legal issues (international conventions and national laws not applied), school environments (realities and aspirations), and societal behaviors (issues and evolution).
NGOs prepared for UN participation on the International Day of the Girl Child by gathering testimonials both from girls on the ground (in their own words) and field workers describing challenges & actions in world regions including Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Then NGOs participated in this event before UN Officials by:
- testifying, from field experience, on the importance and difficulties implementing Goal 4 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDG 4: ensuring access for all to equitable quality education)
- reviewing facts and figures: 132 million girls out of school worldwide, 16 million girls forcibly married by age 18, the continued decline in the number of girls attending secondary school
- recalling the violence to which girls are exposed in specific contexts including extreme poverty, economic crises, climate change, political conflicts, migration, sex trafficking
- emphasizing the influence of social and traditional norms that add specific challenges to a girl's journey such as heavy domestic tasks, lack of access to hygiene, financial insecurity, housing insecurity, domestic violence, child marriage, early maternity
- emphasizing the urgent need to tackle major challenges faced by girls in their educational pursuits to attend school and to continue studies
ACISJF presented a summary of testimonies collected by our Geneva International Committee of Leaders in Latin America, Africa and Lebanon, in the framework of the workshop "Exchanges on Family and Local Cultures (Practices and Possible Changes)". 
Upon the conclusion of work, an advocacy Manifesto was signed by each NGO addressing the rights of girls, challenges for SDG implementation, and the importance of actions by civil society and field associations working for girls' rights worldwide. 

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