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UNESCO - Actualités/Evénements

UNESCO : Challenges of the Digital Revolution for NGOs

This 2016 Conference held on 12-14 December 2016, addressed the theme "The challenges of the Digital Revolution for NGOs".

It was organized around four sub-themes :

• The digital revolution and its impact on the diversity of cultural expressions

• Challenges of digital access to information

• Does the training in line take up the challenges of educational systems around the world ?

• Science facing the digital revolution : What Ethics ?

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Association Life

International Council 2018

From February 6 to 8, 2018, the ACISJF International Council met at the Ephrem House at the gateway to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre in Paris. Read more ...

Actualités ACISJF-IN VIA

Vatican : Forum international des Jeunes à Sassone di Campo (Rome)19-22 juin 2019
Du 19 au 22 juin 2019 s'est tenu à Sassone di Campo (Rome) le Forum international des Jeunes dans le cadre de la mise en pratique de la dernière Assemblée générale du Synode des Evêques. L'Acisjf-In Via y a été représentée par Letizia Bricchi, conseillère de l'Acisjf à Piacenza.
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Seminar: prevention of early pregnancy and accompaniment of mothers minor

From November 22-26, 2016, ACISJF Africa organized  a Seminar on the Prevention of early Pregnancy and Accompaniment of Child Mothers. The Seminar was conducted by EVA (Education for Life and Love) and took place in Mayanga, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

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